Quantum Solutions Presented at Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum 2023 in Seoul

Quantum Solutions Presented at Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum 2023 in Seoul

October 24, 2023

Marat Lutfullin, the CEO of Quantum Solutions, delivered an invited presentation at the Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum 2023 in Seoul. The event, organized by Smithers, offered a unique opportunity for delegates to gather a wide range of relevant information, participate in collaborative discussions, and engage in networking opportunities. It united key players from all stages of development to explore the bright future of this rapidly evolving and vibrant marketplace.

Marat's presentation, titled "InAs Quantum Dots for SWIR Sensors," focused on updating the audience on the recent progress made by Quantum Solutions in developing InAs quantum dot materials. The presentation showcased various types of InAs quantum dot materials and emphasized their effectiveness in SWIR sensors within the 1100-1600 nm wavelength range.

About Quantum Solutions:

Quantum Solutions develops and manufactures quantum dot “wide-rangesensors and materials for “superhuman” vision, enabling the capture of images invisible to the naked eye. This includes lower-energy SWIR and MWIR spectrums, as well as higher-energy UV and X-ray light ranges. Cameras equipped with these sensors can find numerous applications across various fields, including robotics, machine vision, the automotive industry, security, and consumer electronics. We envision a future where cameras with augmented vision become the standard in our world. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your needs for enabling the next generation of imaging systems.

About Smithers

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