Sales Release of Large Sise QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots

Sales Release of Large Sise QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots

December 20, 2023

Quantum Solutions is advancing QDot™ InAs quantum dots for SWIR Image Sensors

[Southampton, 20.12.2023] — Quantum Solutions is pleased to release sales of our larger-size QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots, now reaching spectral ranges of up to 1600 nm!

QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots absorb light from UV to the short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectrum. The absorption cut-off profiles are now customizable, ranging from 900 to an impressive 1600 nm, simply by adjusting nanoparticle sizes between 3 to 7 nm. These quantum dots redefine excellence with outstanding light absorption and photoelectrical properties, establishing themselves as the unparalleled lead-free quantum dot absorber for SWIR photodetectors and image sensors.

Novel solution-based methods have ushered in a new era, enabling the deposition of thin films of these quantum dots at an affordable cost. This breakthrough technology allows the creation of artificial nanocrystalline InAs absorbing structures, offering unprecedented possibilities. Unlike traditional epitaxially grown thin films, QDot™ InAs quantum dots can be effortlessly deposited within a photodiode stack using spin-coating methods from a colloidal solution to fabricate efficient SWIR photodetectors and image sensors.

About Quantum Solutions:

Quantum Solutions develops and manufactures quantum dot “wide-rangesensors and materials for “superhuman” vision, enabling the capture of images invisible to the naked eye. This includes lower-energy SWIR and MWIR spectrums, as well as higher-energy UV and X-ray light ranges. Cameras equipped with these sensors can find numerous applications across various fields, including robotics, machine vision, the automotive industry, security, and consumer electronics. We envision a future where cameras with augmented vision become the standard in our world. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your needs for enabling the next generation of imaging systems.


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