Sales Release of QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots

Sales Release of QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots

June 15, 2023

Quantum Solutions launches sales of QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots for SWIR Photodetectors and Image Sensors

[Southampton, 15.07.2023] — Quantum Solutions is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking leap in quantum dots technology with the launch of our novel QDot™ InAs Quantum Dots. InAs QDs are a lead-free absorbing material with variable sizes ranging from 3 to 5 nm, featuring first excitonic absorption peaks from 940 nm to 1200 nm. They are a perfect alternative to InGaAs semiconductors, as they enable lead-free and cost-efficient production of SWIR image sensors.

The introduction of QDot™ InAs quantum dots represents a significant milestone in the evolution of quantum dot SWIR sensor technology, opening up new possibilities for various applications such as consumer electronics, automotive, and machine vision.

About Quantum Solutions:

Quantum Solutions develops and manufactures quantum dot “wide-rangesensors and materials for “superhuman” vision, enabling the capture of images invisible to the naked eye. This includes lower-energy SWIR and MWIR spectrums, as well as higher-energy UV and X-ray light ranges. Cameras equipped with these sensors can find numerous applications across various fields, including robotics, machine vision, the automotive industry, security, and consumer electronics. We envision a future where cameras with augmented vision become the standard in our world. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your needs for enabling the next generation of imaging systems.


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