Perovskite quantum dots (APbX3, where A = Cs or FA and X = Cl, Br or I) emit light in the entire visible spectral region from 450 to 690 nm depending on particle sizes and compositions. These quantum dots have high PLQY up to 95-100 % and narrow FWHM < 20-25 nm. The compelling combination of enhanced optical properties and chemical robustness makes them appealing for optoelectronic applications: QD LEDs, QD lasers, QD backlight for LCD and lighting etc.

Perovskite QDs are available in solution in toluene 10 mg/mL. Quantum Dots with the emission 510 nm (QD-P-510 powder) is available in powder form for more flexible choice of solvents and concentrations (> 50 mg/mL) that is beneficial for devices fabrication.

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is the developer and large scale manufacturer of quantum dots according to customers requirements and interested in partnerships for industrial product development. Also you can order quantum dots for research purposes.

This product is also found on Merk/Millipore Sigma.

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Perovskite Quantum Dots Applications

Perovskite Quantum Dots main features:

  • Cadmium free, high efficient and stable quantum dots for lighting and display applications. Low lead content
  • Wide products range from 450 to 690 nm of emission peaks for various applications
  • Bright color, narrow emission full width at half maximum (FWHM < 20-35 nm) and high photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY up to 95-100 %)