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Scintillators, which are capable of converting ionising radiation into visible photons, are very important for such areas as: inspection, failure/cracks detection, security X-ray imaging, nuclear cameras, and computed tomography. QDot™ X-ray Perovskite Films can be used as efficient X-ray scintillation materials. They exhibit strong visible luminescence under X-rays, and this luminescence can be read by conventional silicon imaging cameras. The compelling combination of high light output and impressive resolution makes the material appealing for industrial applications.

Technical data

Benefits of using QDot™ X-ray Perovskite Films for X-ray scintillation:

  • Highly sensitive materials for X-ray scintillation
  • High light output
  • High resolution
  • Short decay time (< 40 ns)
  • Solution processable
  • Enable flexible X-ray
  • Large area processable
QDot™ X-ray Perovskite Film sensor


QDot™ X-ray Perovskite Film 520
Emission peak
520 nm
Light output at 70 kV (% CsI:Tl)
> 5%



QDot™ X-ray Perovskite Films are novel superior X-ray scintillator materials with exceptional sensitivity. QDot™ Perovskite QDs as an X-ray scintillator can convert X-ray photons to visible light, which can be easily detected by commercially available photodetectors (silicon camera or PMT detectors).

X-ray imaging of a microchip using QDot™ X-ray Perovskite Film and silicon camera

The fast response of the film < 50 ns to X-ray photons is critical, especially in medical radiography and industrial inspection. Solution processability (printing or roll-to-roll film production)  and high resolution make it appealing for commercial applications.

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