Lead halide perovskite single crystals (APbX3) have attracted considerable interest for optoelectronic applications due to high light absorption coefficients, long-range balanced electron and hole transport, and facile preparation techniques. QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is an expert in synthesis of high quality Single Crystals, Quantum Dots, Nanoparticles and other advanced materials. QUANTUM SOLUTIONS founders are inventors of synthesis of high quality Perovskite Halide Single Crystals by inverse temperature crystallization technique. QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is interested in partnerships for industrial product development. Also you can order quantum dots for research purposes.

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Perovskite Single Crystals main features:

  • Large (up to 6 mm) high quality single crystals for optoelectronic applications
  • Tunable bandgap in the range between 1.51 – 2.18 eV
  • Long carrier diffusion lengths (> 4 μm) and remarkably low trap densities (<1012 cm-3)