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PbS Quantum dots  
For infrared light sensing

Perovskite Quantum dots
For visible light sensing

Quantum Dot Photodetectors

Quantum Dot photodetectors for infrared light can be utilized in night vision, atmospheric spectroscopy for gas detection, biomedical imaging, quality control and product inspection. Photodetectors for visible light is utilized in image sensors to transform incoming light into electronic signal, and also be used in surveillance, machine vision, industrial inspection, spectroscopy, and fluorescent biomedical imaging. The advantages of using Quantum Dots are that they can be easily integrated with silicon electronics or with flexible organic substrates, and also be deposited on electrodes prefabricated on a substrate by simple methods: ink-jet printing, solution casting and low-temperature evaporation. Additionally, optical absorption and emission spectra of QDs are widely tunable through the quantum size effect.

QD Photodetector Fabrication

QD photodetector can be fabricated as follows. Electrodes are deposited on the substrate by evaporation. Then colloidal Quantum Dots or mixture of QDs in polymers are spin-coated on a substrate to form solid QD film or QD polymer composite between electrodes.

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