Quantum Dot NIR Photodetectors

Handout_PbS QDs for NIR photodetectors
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PbS Quantum Dots
PbS Quantum Dots, oleic acid capped, 800-2000 nm emission/excitonic absorption peaks

Near infrared sensing gains a widespread application in such devices as photo-cameras (for face recognition), autonomous cars (obstacles detection), AR and VR (for eyes tracking), in night vision and surveillance, biomedical imaging, quality control and product inspection. New sensor technologies are enablers for the digital transformation allowing us to integrate devices for IoT or collect Big Data. Current active NIR absorbers, such as InGaAs and Ge, have high cost of production (high temperature epitaxial method) and doesn’t allow to combine with Si-based photodiode in a single device. PbS QDs have higher sensitivity, wider absorption range and compatibility with Si-based sensors.

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