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QS™ Green perovskite QDs for LCD
Green emission 520-530 nm
FWHM < 20-25 nm
PLQY up to 90 %

Quantum dots (QDs) expand the color gamut of LCDs, making them present more vibrant colors with better contrast. They also improve energy consumption. Nowadays, many TV makers adopted this technology, such as Samsung, Hisense, TCL, and others.

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS offers novel green perovskite QDs for LCD applications (“LCD backlighting” and “LCD color filters”). These materials have high photoluminescence efficiency (up to 90 %), narrow emission (< 20-25 nm). This makes them a better quality and more environmentally friendly alternative to the current CdSe and InP. QUANTUM SOLUTIONS develops green emitting QS™ perovskite QDs to meet the thermal stability and reliability standards of future LCD screens. Check our products portfolio for more details.

QD Backlighting

QS™ green perovskite QDs can be mixed with a red-emitting material in a polymer film for LCD backlighting units. In QD backlighting, QS™ green quantum dots display these specs:

  • Emission 520-530 nm
  • PLQY > 80-90 %
  • FWHM < 20-25 nm
  • RoHS compliant (ω (Pb) < 0.1 % in a polymer layer)
QD Color Filters

QS™ green perovskite QDs can be printed with pixel sizes on top of LCD matrix to create color filters of the following specs:

  • Emission 520-530 nm
  • PLQY > 80 %
  • FWHM < 20-25 nm
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