Quantum Dot LCD Display

Handout_Perovskite QDs for LCD
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LUMAR™ CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots
Perovskite QDs CsPbBr3, 520 nm emission,
high thermal stability and photostability for LCD

Quantum dots extend the color gamut of LCD displays, making them present more vibrant colors with better contrast in TVs, laptops and tablets. This is an ideal solution for HDR displays to meet Rec2020 standard. On top of that, QDs help to reduce the energy consumption. Nowadays, many TV makers adopted this technology. QUANTUM SOLUTIONS offers novel green Perovskite QDs for LCD application (“LCD backlighting” and “LCD color filters”). These materials have high photoluminescence efficiency (up to 100 %), narrow band emission (< 20-25 nm). This makes them a better quality and more environmentally friendly alternative to the current CdSe and InP QDs.

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