Zero-Dimensional Perovskite Cs4PbBr6 (Zero-D) is a composite material. The structure consists of emissive CsPbBr3 QDs centers embedded in transparent Cs4PbBr6 matrix. The emission profile is similar to CsPbBr3 QDs (emission peak 515 nm, FWHM<25 nm, PLQY up to 70-80 %), but because this material is encapsulated within Cs4PbBr6 phase, it shows exceptional stability. This makes him very promising for light conversion technologies as a remote phosphors for lighting applications or others. This material is in the powder form with micron size particles. Zero-D material is chemically and thermally more robust, and even can withstand the temperature up to 180 oC in air for several hours. At the same time, because of the encapsulation matrix, 4-5 times more concentration of the material is required than genuine CsPbBr3 QDs  to achieve the same light intensity.

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Zero-Dimensional Perovskite Cs4PbBr6 main features:

  • High efficient and stable luminescent powder for optoelectronic applications. Low lead content.
  • Bright green emission at 515 nm, narrow full width at half maximum (FWHM < 25 nm) and high photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY up to 70-80%) in powder form