LUMAR™ CsPbBr3 QDs is specifically developed to meet the requirements of LCD display industry (“LCD backlighting” and “LCD color filters”) for high optical properties alongside with high thermostability and photodegradation resistivity. These QDs also can be used in other optoelectronic devices such as UV photodetectors or solar cells. Special QDs have variable emission 510-530 nm, high PLQY (up to 100 %) and narrow FWHM (<20-25 nm). These QDs can be processed at the temperatures up to 100 oC in air. They have high photodegradation resistivity and tested durability in polymer film at 85 0C under blue light with 10 mW/cm2 intensity. This makes them better alternatives than green CdSe and InP based quantum dots. LUMAR™ CsPbBr3 QDs are under the final stage of product development, but you can already request the sample.

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is the developer and large scale manufacturer of quantum dots according to customers requirements and interested in partnerships for industrial product development. Also you can order quantum dots for research purposes.

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LUMAR™ CsPbBr3 QDs Applications

LUMAR™ CsPbBr3 QDs main features:

  • Thermostable Perovskite QDs for LCD applications. Cadmium free, low lead content.
  • Bright green emission at 510-530 nm, narrow full width at half maximum (FWHM < 20-25 nm) and high photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY up to 100%)
  • High photodegradation resistivity and thermostability