PbS quantum dots emit light in the near infrared range: 900 – 1600 nm. Emission wavelengths are tuned by changing nanoparticle sizes from 2.5 to 8 nm respectively. FWHM of absorption is < 120 nm for the whole range, FWHM of emission < 130-140 nm. PbS QDs have a good crystallinity with high peak-to-valley ratios and high PLQY. Suitable for the use as light absorber or IR emitter in such applications as solar cells, photodetectors and infrared LEDs.

QUANTUM SOLUTIONS is the developer and large scale manufacturer of quantum dots according to customers requirements and interested in partnerships for industrial product development. Also you can order quantum dots for research purposes.

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PbS Quantum Dots main features:

  • Wide products range from 900 to 1600 nm of emission peaks for various applications
  • Narrow absorption and emission fluorescence bands (FWHM of absorption < 120 nm, FWHM of emission < 130-140 nm) due to narrow particle size distributions that results in higher devices performance (in solar cells, sensors, LEDs).
  • High peak-to-valley ratios

Catalog numberDescriptionQuantity
QD-LS-900PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 900nm peak emission. 100/300 mg
QD-LS-1000PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1000nm peak emission.100/300 mg
QD-LS-1100PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1100nm peak emission.100/300 mg
QD-LS-1200PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1200nm peak emission.100/300 mg
QD-LS-1300PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1300nm peak emission.100/300 mg
QD-LS-1400PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1400nm peak emission.100/300 mg
QD-LS-1500PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1500nm peak emission.100/300 mg
QD-LS-1600PbS quantum dots, 10 mg/mL in toluene, 1600nm peak emission.100/300 mg


Additional information

Emission Wavelength

900 nm, 1000 nm, 1100 nm, 1200 nm, 1300 nm, 1400 nm, 1500 nm, 1600 nm


100 mg, 300 mg


Solid, Toluene

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